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Blushing Heart Pendant

Blushing Heart Pendant

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  • Chain: This necklace features a gold-tone chain composed of closely set, small rectangular links that give it a sleek and textured appearance.

  • Pendant: The central element of the necklace is a heart-shaped pendant. It's a faceted stone with a pale pink hue, reminiscent of a gemstone like pink sapphire, morganite, or pink topaz.

  • Setting: The heart-shaped stone is held in place by a three-pronged setting, which extends from the sides and the bottom tip of the heart, securing the stone at its edges. The prongs are delicate and minimalistic, allowing for maximum visibility of the stone while providing a secure hold.

  • Color and Clarity: The pink stone's color is evenly distributed, with a soft, warm tone. Good clarity, as no inclusions or blemishes are visible, and it interacts with the light to create a sparkling effect due to its faceting.

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