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Blush Seraphic Cross Pendant

Blush Seraphic Cross Pendant

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  • Cross Pendant: The cross has a traditional shape with equal arms that broaden slightly at the ends. Its surface is adorned with multiple gemstones.

  • Gemstones: The gemstones are round-cut, faceted, and set into the metal of the cross. They exhibit a gradient of color, from a deeper pink at the center to lighter pink and clear stones radiating outwards, creating a delicate, sparkling effect.

  • Design Details: The cross features a milgrain edge, adding texture and vintage appeal to the pendant. The central part of the cross where the two beams meet is accentuated by a larger pink gemstone.

  • Metalwork: The metal has a polished finish and is detailed with subtle indentations and engravings.

  • Chain: The pendant is attached to a slender, silver-toned chain that matches the cross's color. The chain has a fine link design, indicating a delicate structure.

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